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I twirl my sword with grace and For more details on training Swordsmanship or other melee skills visit the Melee Training Guide page. Weapons.

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Here is how to unlock the dual wield ability in Sword Art Online: one-hand sword skill level to be 250 to one-handed sword in the Sub slot of your

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Swordsman Self Cultivation System Overview Provided that ur companion/pet have the selling skills then u can For example the S&M Chi Focus skill cooldown

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Play Swordsman! Join a Martial Arts you enrolled into one of the 10 martial arts school available to strengthen your skills. There is a companion stash

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Welcome to the Official Swordsman Wiki! The Swordsman compendium: Engage enemies using 3 sets of styles, with more than 6 skills in every style! Story;

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Sword Knave : Assist : 35 : Darkflame Order Bind Up Mailbox Pick Up Synergetic Chant - A focus skill which allows the companion to restore the players health.

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Complete Great Weapon Fighter Guide with tips Primordial Focus enchantment slots and the +5 has an overload slot. Bold/Heroic Gear of the Companion

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Swordsman online is a open pvp game from Perfect http://swordsman.gamepedia.com/Swordsman_Wiki Skill Sets Your inventory is 30 slots and 3 bucks expands it to

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In Sword Art Online, skills can be leveled up to increase the effects of the skills, skills must be equipped in a limited amount of skill slots. Dream Focus

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